"Capsule" eat a lot, is it really dangerous?

"Capsule" eat a lot, is it really dangerous?
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"Capsule" eat a lot, is it really dangerous?

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Someone was worried that the pill capsules were eating a lot. To be dangerous But in fact, what does the capsule come from? And is it harmful to the body if you really eat a lot? There is information from the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA to leave.

What is a capsule pill?
Capsule is a pill form that has the appearance of slippery ***spam***. Makes it easy to swallow capsule shells or capsules containing drugs. ***spam*** are made from gelatin, water and color by processing the collagen present in the skin. And animal bones like cows and pigs

Capsule shell can be divided into 2 types:

Hard Gelatin Capsules such as powders, granules or tablets can be used.
Soft Gelatin Capsules are often used to contain drugs. Or liquid supplements such as vitamins, oils
Why do I need capsules?
Capsule benefits In addition to helping to deliver drugs Also helps in covering up the smell And the bad taste of medicine And can also be used to identify the drug Separate drug types, but in some patients who cannot take the whole capsule. May peel the capsule and dissolve the drug for the patient.

But not all capsules can be removed. Then take the water softener Depending on the type of capsule And the type of drug contained in the capsule as well, so it is recommended to swallow the whole capsule rather than peel the capsule and dissolve the drug Which should always consult a doctor or pharmacist before unpacking the tablet in the capsule

Are the capsules dangerous to the body?
Share story that taking a lot of capsules Will be dangerous from the capsule itself Not true Because the capsule shell Made from gelatin and water, which are harmless. As for the paint, it is used in the right amount which is not harmful to the body as well.

How to store capsules
Capsules may stick together if stored in hot, humid conditions. Therefore, it should be kept in a dry place. And not too hot But that doesn't mean they have to be stored in the refrigerator. Because some capsules are stored in the refrigerator with a high piece. Often makes the capsules greasy until they stick together Therefore, it is important to read the product label carefully on how best to store each drug.

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Re: "Capsule" eat a lot, is it really dangerous?

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