"Convenience vs Danger" two sides of the coin that we have to face from AI

"Convenience vs Danger" two sides of the coin that we have to face from AI
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"Convenience vs Danger" two sides of the coin that we have to face from AI

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In our world in 2020, many people will become more familiar xo auto with the so-called AI, hearing from almost every industry, even though they may not know and understand exactly what AI is.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence or where the Thai language uses the word Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science and technology that has increasingly influenced human life. That is why scientists, engineers and programmers are striving to develop AI to be exceptionally comprehensive in all areas. To facilitate human beings Use the principles of AI to work based on existing information. Think and process on principles and reasons until they can actually be used.

But there are always 2 sides of the coin when AI is useful to us. There is a penalty for us as well, so let's try to figure out how awesome AI is for our daily life. As for AI technology and other influences on life, Tonkit360 will deliver on upcoming opportunities.

1.Increase the risk of unemployment
May not sound very pleasant But I have to admit that the efficiency of AI today makes this a reality because AI is developed from intelligent humans combined with modern technology, so AI will definitely be smarter than normal humans and also respond quickly. Making it more efficient at work than human labor This means that some AI jobs will completely replace people. And humans who are not half intelligent, AI will no longer play a role. Especially the nature of routine work Work that requires repetitive tasks without manual labor and workers can be completed (good too)

Because AI was developed to have the ability to learn and recognize repetitive tasks, able to develop oneself and adapt to learn at any time.Importantly, the productivity of AI is more than human labor. That may have problems with the instability of emotional conditions And other factors that affect work efficiency, but AI will not have such a problem. Do (Unless the system malfunctions), so if some people do not adapt Not developing work potential, it may be brought in by AI to work instead

2. Violations of Privacy
AI operations learn to work from repetitive patterns or analyze from preliminary data that we have to enter first, and then AI will process the results we want. This means that we have to enter some of our personal information first. Which if wanting to get the ***spam*** accurate results Must enter information that is as accurate as possible Including the use of social media platforms We also have to exchange our personal information when signing up as well.

In fact No other online platform can keep your personal information 100 percent safe. ***spam*** obvious It is when social media uses our personal information, such as your preferences, interests, repetitive behaviors, lifestyles, or repeat check-ins to analyze marketing practices. Thus, we see advertisements for the same product pop up often, even though we only search for that product once or twice. This does not include cases of damage that may occur. If our personal information has gone into hackers' hands.

3. User behavior
Do not deny that comfort makes people lazy. Because the market also produces these innovations in response to human convenience, if not yet seen. You can look from the things that we need to use every day, such as mobile phones. If it is an older phone, press the button. Nowadays, just touch the button that resembles a microphone and speak the word you want to type. It was printed for us to complete. Little by little we will get used to this convenient use.

If not careful We may be unknowingly enslaved by AI. If you want to know if you are falling prey to the laziness demons known as AI, think about how we say to our smartphones today, "OK Google" or "Hello. Siri ”and keep typing assistance? Just to type a message, we haven't done it ourselves yet. And if this system is wiretapping us up without our knowledge Isn't it funny? Therefore What is still enough to be done by yourself Try to rely less on technology But apply it to the ***spam*** profitable matter instead

4. It is more difficult to separate real news and fake news.
Are you annoyed? With the need to press to confirm your identity when accessing the Internet Or access certain websites That often allows us to verify identity To choose some traffic lights Some zebra crossing Or to type in the text shown to be annoying, but that confirms that you are really "human" about to enter the system, not a robot that has been created to cause problems with the website. Including automated chat that online merchants use to interact with customers Well, not everyone knows that it is a chatbot.

And if one day some bright heads can do AI that can confirm humanity, how chaotic would the world be? There must be some false information, and some truths fill the world. Because at present, AI can both act as catch fake news And create fake news by yourself This makes it even more difficult for the world to separate real news from fake news. Plus, people are easily agitated by fake news. We may even be able to eat the fake information that the AI ​​wrote and continue to share endlessly

5. The reason is because AI is smart!
It may sound a crushing fist. But the scariest thing about AI is because it's smart! If anyone has ever tried to experience AI

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