If not on earth Why choose "Mars"

If not on earth Why choose "Mars"
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If not on earth Why choose "Mars"

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The possibilities of sending humans to เกมสล็อต Mars are getting closer to reality. When the probe "Perseverance" of "NASA" or the US National Space Administration (NASA) can safely land on Mars. To perform a mission to find traces that this place has ever lived or not.

In the past, humans have attempted to explore Mars through the years. Which elements that allow living beings to be born Biologists believe that there are three things: water, energy and organic compounds.

In the universe or the universe (Universe) there is already a lot of energy and organic compounds. There is a possibility that there may be life

While scientists think that large amounts of "oxygen" can make life happen, if they discover that any planets have ozone in their atmosphere, they'll be able to produce life. There is a high chance that that planet will have life as well. Because ozone is a compound that is formed from oxygen When ozone is found in large quantities, a large amount of oxygen is also found.

If the proof of life can be achieved Is equal to that in addition to the world There are other planets in the solar system where life can live. But why do you have to choose "Mars" when there are many planets? Tonkit360 has information for each other.

Used to have a thick atmosphere like the earth
Mars is ***spam*** likely to find life. According to a NASA survey, Mars, 4,500 million years ago, was covered with carbon dioxide as dense as Earth's atmosphere. And have a warmer surface temperature Thus allowing water to remain in a liquid state Unlike the present, the atmosphere is very thin because the Solar Wind blows the atmosphere into space.

However, NASA scientists believe it can create an atmosphere for Mars. By creating an artificial magnetic field and sending it into space To block it between the Sun and Mars Will be a shield to protect Mars from the solar wind Which is the charged particles from the sun.

When the atmosphere becomes denser It will warm the air on the Martian surface from -55 degrees Celsius to -4 degrees Celsius, which can sublimate dry ice or carbon dioxide. And send the atmosphere to have more carbon dioxide It became a greenhouse effect that warmed the surface of Mars.

While the ice in Mars' north and south poles will melt into water. Which from past surveys Scientists hypothesized that fossils of life were found beneath the ice of Mars' two poles. After a dry trace of a river that was thought to have happened 3,500 million years ago

It is more conducive to life than the moon - Venus.
In addition to the world Mars is considered to be the planet that has the ***spam*** abundant constituents for life or life. Although no conclusive evidence of the organism has been found. But various elements are more conducive to life

The soil on Mars can extract water.
Temperatures on Mars are neither too cold nor too hot.
There is enough sunlight to use the solar panel.
Gravity on Mars accounts for 38 percent of the Earth. Which it is believed that the human body is able to adapt
Atmospheric (Although sparse) that can protect cosmic rays These are high-energy particles produced by explosions in the Sun's atmosphere.
Days on Mars are closest to Earth, with one Martian day being 24 hours, 39 minutes, 35 seconds.

The Moon and Venus, which are planets that are close to Earth as well. Considered to be very far from the possibility of life The Moon does not have an atmosphere that protects against radiation, and the days on the Moon are very different from that of the Earth. Is equal to spending 1 month on the earth

While Venus has an average temperature above 400 degrees Celsius, it is hot enough to melt lead. And has atmospheric pressure equivalent to the pressure underwater sea on Earth at a depth of 900 meters, it also rotates very slowly. This makes one day on Venus equal to that of 243 days on Earth!

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