Put on the mask and acne will appear. Can be solved with simple techniques

Put on the mask and acne will appear. Can be solved with simple techniques
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Put on the mask and acne will appear. Can be solved with simple techniques

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From the outbreak of COVID-19 (COVID 19) or coronavirus that spread around the world. Causing the daily life of women to wear a mask ***spam*** of the time To protect yourself from infection But wearing a mask every day on a regular basis Therefore, our face often comes in contact with the mask, causing many people to have more acne, irritation, itching and redness, which is why and how to fix this problem? Jarook.com has good information and how to use mask to prevent acne from Dr. Manita Attasuriyanun. Dermatologist, owner of Dr.Yui page, talks about all skin matters. Let's leave together.

Wear masks and pimples appear, red rashes, because of what?

The cause of the problem, wearing masks and pimples up, can be separated into 2 issues: acne symptoms and red itching.

1. Acne caused by wearing a mask

The cause of acne from this mask. It is mostly caused by the accumulation of dead skin. Excreted oil that clogs the skin Together with moisture, heat, sweat and water spray in the masked area of ​​the skin. Causing the accumulation of pathogens, bacteria and easily clogged skin Also, while we wear masks There will be friction between the mask and the face. Irritates the skin Causing clogged acne or inflammatory acne Including small pustules, which is another cause of acne.

2. Itching and redness from wearing a mask

Itching and rash may occur around the edges of the mask, cheeks, mouth, chin and nose. ***spam*** of them are caused by irritation such as pressure, shifting, rather than allergic contact from the components of the mask.

Acne from masks, or as in English, "Masne" (Maskne, which stands for Mask + acne) is the number one problem on the face of the face that arises from wearing a mask. From the survey of the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University, the results of a comparative analysis of masks made from various materials showed that medical masks made from pure PP Melt Blow caused acne the ***spam***. While cotton masks cause the least amount of acne. And a mask, which is covered with cotton, yields an intermediate effect between the two masks It was also found that re-wearing a face mask was 1.5 times more likely to cause problems.

Therefore, if you have acne, itchy, rash from wearing a mask Do not be quick to conclude that you are allergic to masks. But may be due to the reasons above that are more common So how do we deal with acne from this mask? Let's hurry to see how.

15 tips for how to use a mask to prevent acne breakouts

A simple way to put on a mask that will help reduce skin problems including acne, rashes and allergies can be easily done by yourself.

1. Wash your face thoroughly. To reduce the risk of acne Therefore should wash your face more thoroughly By choosing a face wash that is suitable for the skin Or use a face wash that contains AHA, BHA that helps exfoliate the skin Make sure to re-check the final cleaning step by wiping your skin with a toner. Until there are no stains on the cotton ball And should wash your face when you sweat a lot Without scrubbing or facial scrub

2. Do not make up, if you really need to dress, leave the bottom half of your face. Can only customize the top half

3. Choose a skin care that does not cause clogging or acne. Including the moisturizer that causes the least blockage, a simple way is to look at the label with the words Oil-free, Non-comedogenic, Non-acnegenic, Won over clog pore, etc.

4. Avoid being in hot weather. Crowded

5. Remove some masks Alone time Or in a well-ventilated place And people are not crowded

6. Find a clean tissue between the mask and the face.

7. Apply a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly on the face to reduce the friction of the mask.

8. Replace the mask at least once a day, do not reuse it because dirt will ingrate in the fabric and cause skin irritation. Or switch to a washable cloth mask

9.Taking antihistamines to relieve itching can help reduce itching. If it doesn't improve, see a doctor.

10. If you have acne, you can apply acne marks. But should consult a doctor before every use.

11. Be careful not to let your hair get into the mask. Because oiliness from the hair can be a common cause of acne.

12. Do not try new skincare or cosmetics to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

13.Clean the puff or makeup brush once a week.

14. Change pillowcases and sheets. Should wash and change the pillowcase and bed sheet regularly once a week or if it will be good. Can change 2 times a week

15. Reduce other causes of acne such as not frequently touching the face, not staying up late, eating fried foods, desserts.

Now that I know this, girls try to modify the way they wear their masks. And do not forget to pay more attention to cleaning and nourishing your face after removing the mask as well. This time, wearing masks will not be a problem that caused the face to crash again, even if the virus will come, but we must survive!

Thanks for information from: joker123

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