The Real Reason Onions Make You Cry

The Real Reason Onions Make You Cry
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The Real Reason Onions Make You Cry

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Even if you love the taste of onions But you wouldn't like to cut it anyway because of the burning sensation and tears. And what if you accidentally rub your eye with that hand? I can tell that it hurts! However, did you know that there is scientific evidence behind this? So who wouldn't want to cry less?

Scientific evidence behind onions and weeping
Onions and garlic belong to the allium family. As onions grow, they absorb sulfur from the soil. It then converts crude sulfur into an amino acid called sulfoxide, which reacts with the environment and releases gas. So chopping an onion means you're cutting through the tiny onion cells, and the sulfoxides have a gas-releasing reaction. Syn-Propanethial-S-Oxide comes out.The receptors in your eye recognize the gas and communicate with the brain, starting to shed tears to help protect your eyes from this substance. This gas will only be released when you are cutting the onion. As for the cooking process, all these gases are removed.

How can I prevent crying?
Nobody likes this process of cooking. (Except for the really weird ones) There are many ways to protect your eyes from slicing onions. But some of these methods just don't work, and they sound silly, especially when you know there's scientific evidence behind it. The heat from cooking will cause the onions to emit gas that makes you cry. The cold stops the enzyme from producing gas in the onion and slows down the amount of gas that is generated and released. Therefore, the onions should be refrigerated before being chopped and cooked to relieve the burning sensation, while The National Onion Association advises not to cut off the onion root, as this is the part of the gas-producing enzyme. The ***spam*** Opening the hood also helps alleviate the burning sensation. Although it might not help much, but it's better than doing nothing. You've probably heard that cutting an onion under water prevents tears, the same principle used to block the flow of gas. Or use the method of wearing goggles at all

Removing onion smell from your hands
Even if you finish cutting the onions and use them to cook But it's possible that you could still smell it. It's unbelievable that the scent of gas and onions will remain on your hands for a very long time, no matter how much you wash your hands or use scented soaps. Baking soda has deodorizing properties and can also help get rid of the onion smell from your hands.The National Onion Association recommends washing your hands with lemon juice to deodorize the pungent odor. At the same time, there is a stream that rubs your hands with the stainless (Or stainless bar soap), a chemical reaction that causes gas and odor-producing molecules to stick to the iron instead of your skin. However, if you want to try it, there is no need to ***spam*** any special products. Just experiment with any stainless steel that is already in the kitchen.

Onions that do not make tears?
Asda Sweet Onion was developed more than 20 years ago by selecting onions to breed new, enzyme-free varieties of onions. Such onions are less pungent and sweeter than other large red onions. It also does not leave any foul odors on the hands as well. We are still wondering whether the non-tearing onion can replace the onions we use today. Of course not, you might not want it either!

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