5 innovative options for safe driving during the rainy season

5 innovative options for safe driving during the rainy season
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5 innovative options for safe driving during the rainy season

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During the rainy season, there is a greater risk of car accidents than other seasons. Due to slippery road conditions And poor visibility Making it more likely to be at risk of having an accident

ดาวน์โหลดjoker recommends 5 advanced options in the new car models that will help make driving in the rainy season safer.

1.Automatic wipers

The automatic wiper system not only increases comfort while driving in the rain. But also allows the driver to fully concentrate on the control of the car Because you don't have to sit to control the strength of the blade often Even if the rain has stopped The system will stop working automatically.
However, the automatic wipers work on their own. But we can adjust the sensitivity (Sensitivity) to the amount of rain The more you adjust the sensitivity The brush will only work faster.

2. ABS braking system

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) brakes are almost becoming the basic safety system of modern cars. This system will help prevent the wheels from locking dead in the event of sudden braking with full force. Allows the driver to steer the car. And use shorter braking distances than on wet roads
While the ABS braking system is activated, the brake pedal will vibrate until you feel it. Including the noise from the pulsating wheels Which is the normal operation of the ABS system Continue to press the brakes with full force until the danger is gone. No need to withdraw your feet from the brake pedal at all.

3. Stability control system

The stability control system has a different name for each camp, such as ESP, DSC, VSA or VSC, etc., but the working principles of all brands are similar. As soon as it detects that the car is causing major symptoms Whether caused by cornering too quickly Or have symptoms of hydroplaning The system will automatically reduce the speed of either wheel. To pull the car back upright When the system works Will send a flashing signal around the dial Or some models may have a warning sound to be heard That means the system just saved your life!

4. Warning system accidentally leaving the lane.

The system prevents the vehicle from accidentally leaving the lane. It will sound to alert the driver that the car is going out of lane without turning on the turn signal. Some cars can automatically pull the steering wheel back into the lane. Which is very useful especially when it rains Because poor visibility may cause you to lose sight of the lane clearly. But the system will work through a camera installed in the windshield to read the lane line. It can help to enhance the safety of the driver.
Caution of such a system is If some roads have fuzzy lane lines, blurry lines, or stubborn missing lines The system will automatically cut off. And does not alert the driver in any way Therefore, you should not rely too much on the system.

5.Anti-collision system

Front collision protection system with brake assistance It will reduce the risk of a front collision if the visibility is not clear. The system will alert you when the vehicle in front has a sudden braking. If the driver has not stepped on the brakes The vehicle will automatically brake to reduce the severity of the collision.
But such systems have a variety of functions. In some cars operating at speeds up to 15 km / h, some may move up to 50 km / h, while some European cars may support speeds of up to 200 km / h, so study should be done. Work on the system of your own car as well
However, although new cars There will be a variety of safety systems. But it is important that the driver is not careless. Obey traffic rules Which is the basis of all safety

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