"Dermatitis", a skin disease that should be careful when entering the winter

"Dermatitis", a skin disease that should be careful when entering the winter
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"Dermatitis", a skin disease that should be careful when entering the winter

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During this time, the weather is getting colder xo168 for anyone with dermatitis problems. With symptoms of red and dry skin when entering the winter. These symptoms will begin to spread more easily. Because during the winter, the weather is drier than usual.

Hello, the doctor will invite everyone to know Skin inflammation What to do in winter

What is eczema?
Inflammatory skin disease It is a condition in which the skin is allergic, rash, scaly and itchy. It can occur for two reasons: internal causes such as genetics, allergies, or changes in the internal systems of the body. External causes can be caused by allergens in the environment such as pollen, dust or various chemicals.

Why is it skin inflammation? So worse in winter?
When it comes to winter Many people find the symptoms of the existing dermatitis to be worse. Because the symptoms of cold and dry skin can make the skin disease that symptoms are worse. Additionally, during the winter, the skin loses moisture, making the existing dermatitis worse.

What should I do to avoid recurring dermatitis in winter?
Avoiding rapid temperature changes
When winter comes, the air gets colder at night and is quite dry. During the day, the weather is still sunny and hot. These temperature changes can cause the skin to become dry and itchy. Therefore, it is best to reduce the rash that spreads during the winter. By avoiding sudden changes in temperature by wearing long sleeves, hats to prevent the skin from getting cold. And should avoid bathing in hot water Because after taking a hot shower The body will quickly cool again. Therefore, frequent changes in skin temperature should be avoided. By not taking a hot bath

Moisturizes the skin.
Moisturizing the skin is very necessary. Especially in winter You should opt for a skin care product, be it shower cream, soap, or other skin care product. Should choose a type that is gentle on the skin. More importantly, in the winter, it should be used Moyse riser. (Moisturizer) more than usual to add moisture to the skin.

Avoid contact with certain materials.
Certain fibers, such as nylon wool, can irritate the skin and make eczema worse. Therefore, you should choose breathable clothing such as cotton and avoid layers of clothing.

Add vitamin D to the body
That person's skin can make vitamin D. Up naturally when exposed to sunlight But in winter, the amount of sunlight will be less. Therefore, it can be difficult to get that vitamin D A 2016 review of studies suggested that vitamin D supplements could significantly improve symptoms of skin disease. Therefore, getting enough vitamin D can be a great skin booster.

Drink lots of water
During dry weather The skin will become dry and lack moisture. In addition to using products for skin care. Drinking lots of water It is one way to add moisture to the skin as well.

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