The Hong Kong company aims to produce thousands of humanoid robots by 2021.

The Hong Kong company aims to produce thousands of humanoid robots by 2021.
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The Hong Kong company aims to produce thousands of humanoid robots by 2021.

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A robot manufacturing company in Hong Kong said. There are เว็บทดลองเล่นสล็อต plans to produce humanoid robots. Or robots that can move like many humans in 2021

Hanson Robotics said four different humanoid robots will start leaving the factory in the first half of this year. A quarter of such robots, dubbed "Sophia," has garnered global attention in recent years for looking and talking like humans.

The company's founder and CEO, David Hanson, told Reuters: COVID-19 outbreak This has resulted in a growing demand for robots designed to help and engage humans. The world in the COVID-19 era More and more automation is needed to help keep people safe, and in the past many of the company's robots were built by hand, but now Hanson Robotics is starting to expand its manufacturing methods.

Hanson said Sophia currently has 24 models that will serve as the basis for other types of modeling, and although exact numbers are not specified, Hanson said the company aims to sell thousands of robots by the end of 2021.

Hanson Robotics said it plans to advertise that humanoid robots are useful aides in healthcare, for example, they can measure temperatures to identify ailments. Or exercising with the elderly, etc.

The "social robots" are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods. They use cameras and sensors to recognize human faces and activities. Those robots develop forms of social and emotional wit over time.

During the demonstration at the company's laboratory A robot Sophia has identified some activities that could help humans. Social robots can help take care of the health of the sick. Or the elderly And can be applied in medical practice as well

Hanson said he believes the robotics solution to the epidemic is Is not limited to health care only And that the company's robots are very human-like. They may help provide services to the public. E.g. in a retail store Or in the airline industry, etc.

Hanson said humanoid robots can be very useful during this time when people are lonely and detained from society, whether it be a means of communication, therapy and assistance. Society, even in difficult situations

Johan Hoorn, a professor of social robotics at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University, said that although AI technology is still in development, But a pandemic could fuel the relationship between robots and humans.

Robots from other big developers in the industry are also helping to fight the epidemic.For example, SoftBank Robotics' humanoid Pepper, Pepper, has been deployed in Europe to identify undeaded individuals. mask Parts in China Robotics company CloudMinds helps establish robotic field hospitals for COVID-19 patients. In wuhan city

The robot usage rate has risen before the epidemic. The international robotics organization, or the International Federation of Robotics, said in a report last year that Worldwide sales of professional service robots increased 32 percent between 2018 and 2019.

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