6 superfoods that "Women-pregnant women" should eat.

6 superfoods that "Women-pregnant women" should eat.
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6 superfoods that "Women-pregnant women" should eat.

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Chickpeas, Black Beans, Red Beans
Notable nutrients: good protein, good fats

Benefits: Folic is essential for your baby's brain development.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Mulberry
Featured nutrients: various antioxidants.

Benefits: Eating from real fruits will get the full benefits. And safer than eating as a supplement

Notable nutrients: Omega-three fatty acids

Benefits: Good fats that are essential for your baby's brain development.

Sweet potato
Notable nutrients: complex starches containing potassium.

Benefits: Reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Broccoli, Kale, Spinach
Notable nutrients: dietary fiber, antioxidants

Benefits: Helps to resolve SLOT constipation problems that can occur in pregnant people.

Fresh Soy Milk, Milk, Yogurt
Distinguishing nutrients: calcium, vitamin D.

Benefits: Necessary for bone strength. Both of the mother and the unborn child

Eat good food And do not forget to exercise to keep the body strong. For pregnant women, you should consult your doctor about exercise that is safe for your fetus For the safety of the health of both you and your child.

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