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Message par Lavarda » ven. 12 févr. 2021 13:10


Your mom and her son-in-law have long been the subject of memes on the Internet. And also - numerous ridiculous "tricks" feed a whole bunch of groups with content for those who consider women second-class people. And for female groups, where would-be pick-ups are ridiculed.

How to meet a girl and not become the hero of such stories?

I spiked the whole wall for her, and she ...
Dating on social networks is the norm if it develops into offline communication. So girls may not track who and what likes on the wall.

It's easy to get acquainted on the social network - write private messages. Be sure to get interested in something. The profile always shows what the girl is fond of, it is better to start the conversation with this, and then move on to compliments and freer communication.

And do not think that the owner of studio photos in life is necessarily an arrogant and cold hunter for rich men. Perhaps the photographs were taken simply to confirm their own social status.

It is best to look for a future girl in groups dedicated to your hobbies or something interesting to you. Then there will be no problems with topics for conversation.

Many "online" relationships began from unobtrusive correspondence in the comments. Use them to strike up interesting dialogue.

Many young people think that there is a certain set of rules under which a girl, like a machine, will immediately fall in love and agree to everything. Unfortunately, this is a problem both for men (they hope to find the right "key", wasting time), and for girls (must endure "hacking", pickup and other nonsense).

The best approach is honesty. Inform directly, at the earliest suitable time, the purpose of your acquaintance. Believe me - this will save you from wasting time and dubious conversations "not with your own person"

Another tip - don't try to memorize stupid phrases from courses on "picking" girls. Say what you think. It works cooler!

Interesting girls are everywhere. You don't have to "go hunting" on Friday night and look for her at the club. Especially if you don't go to clubs in your normal life and you don't like girls who have a nightlife.

Just look around. Even if you don't go anywhere except work, university and gym, you can meet a girl right there.

Exude confidence, it is better to start the conversation not with a compliment, but with some kind of unobtrusive question, so that a dialogue begins. And only then you can proceed to collecting "personal information".

In addition, if it happens at school or in the gym, you can then find a girl on social networks and write. Opportunities for exploring the sea.

The main thing is not to be shy, feel confident, and tune in to pleasant communication, and not to an exam for the ***spam*** attractive guy in the world.

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Re: Dating...

Message par Gerinaldo » ven. 12 févr. 2021 17:00

If you've ever had a relationship with a chubby girl, you probably know how passionate they are in bed. That is why I decided to recommend the bbwcupid app to you. Maybe here you will find your happiness, and spend tonight in the company of a magnificent heap of beauty? I know that many men dream about it!

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Re: Dating...

Message par Yeinemai » dim. 14 févr. 2021 15:37

Hello everyone. It’s quite difficult for me to accept the fact that I’ve been living alone for about five years. Therefore, could you lease share with me dating site where I can find someone?

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Re: Dating...

Message par mysoulisyou » dim. 14 févr. 2021 15:48

I don't have a boyfriend so I want to register on a Canadian dating site to find love. It's lonely for me to live alone. My heart is broken because of my ex. He fell in love with another girl and hid it from me. Has your heart been broken? I wish you not to repeat my fate and find a guy who will always love you. For this, there are dating sites flirtylatinas-review.html on which many different pretty men are sitting. I found my man and want to live together.

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