8 dinner menus that are good for weight loss

8 dinner menus that are good for weight loss
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8 dinner menus that are good for weight loss

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People who are currently losing weight often have concerns about eating the dinner menu. How to choose food ***spam*** people prefer not to eat dinner. It is understood that it is an easy way to lose weight. And see results quickly But this method is not always successful.

Because when having to restrict food a lot Or abstain from eating any meal Will increase the appetite at the next meal Making it more likely to eat more food than usual Until returning as a result of being overweight Until the risk of obesity Or diabetes

And do not be complacent that obesity or diabetes can only happen to obese people. Because this disease can occur with thin people. Or asymmetry as well This includes people with a family history of diabetes. Which if you feel that I am at risk Should be examined for diabetes once

That sustainable weight loss Each day, you should eat 3 complete meals as one of the long fasting meals. Especially dinner May make you feel hungry until you have to eat a late meal instead

Which eating in late night Insulin is stimulated to accumulate more fat during the day. Causing the body to not get enough protein Reduced muscle mass And the basal metabolic demand (BMR) rate decreased.

The optimum energy during weight loss should not be lower than the BMR.

BMR calculator for men
BMR calculator for women

The recommended amount of calories for both sexes is:

The average female is 1,000-1,200 kcal / day.
The average male is 1,200-1,400 kcal / day.
For dinner It is a meal that the body uses less energy than during the day. Therefore, you should choose to eat foods that provide 250-350 kcal and complete nutrients in 5 groups

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