8 prohibited behaviors when masking the face Risk of breaking your face without realizing it

8 prohibited behaviors when masking the face Risk of breaking your face without realizing it
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8 prohibited behaviors when masking the face Risk of breaking your face without realizing it

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Of course, the girls Choose a face mask method and focus on skincare in this way. Because it is believed that it is a way to moisturize the skin and nourish it at the same time, but did you know that there are many behaviors related to face masks that cause the face to collapse without knowing? Follow along to see those behaviors that the girls It should be better avoided.

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1. Do not clean the face before the mask.
Not cleaning the face before the mask Not only that, but skin care will not work. But also causes various skin problems, especially acne problems Because each day the face has to face with a lot of dirt. Therefore, it is best to wash your face before every mask. Because it is considered to prepare the skin to be ready before nourishing itself

2. Waving the mask too much.
As you know Anything that is too much will not produce good results. The same is true for face masks. Should not wave too much cream. Because it will cause rashes, acne, and stinging skin This is because some face masks contain strong ingredients that are sufficient for the intended use.

3. Face masks for too long
The longer the mask, the better it is for the skin. This is because prolonged masking will cause the mask to remove all the moisture from the skin. Causing dry and irritated skin

4. Multiple types of face masks at the same time.
Each type of mask has different masking times, for example cheek, T-zone and eye masks all have the correct and specified mask times. Therefore, using several types of masks at the same time May cause skin irritation.

5. Face masks after facial treatment
In case the surface has been treated Whether it's pressing acne, silk thread, botox injection or laser. You should never mask your face. This can cause skin irritation and subsequent inflammation.

6. Wash your face immediately after mask.
After the mask is finished, do not wipe it off or wash your face to get rid of the sticky residue immediately. But should massage your face gently Because this method allows the cream from the mask sheet to be absorbed into the skin more quickly than before

7.Not nourishing after facial masks
Even face masks nourish the skin. You should apply additional moisturizer after the mask as well. Because it locks moisture to the skin for a long time It also helps to make the skin look full of water and good health.

8. Do not apply sunscreen after morning masks.
For girls who like face masks in the morning. Do not forget to apply sunscreen. Because ***spam*** face masks do not contain sunscreen. ***spam*** importantly, sunscreen is an important item that women Should be used every day

After knowing 8 behaviors about face masking at risk of causing face collapse, hopefully the girls will turn to the right face mask. So that the skin can be nourished effectively together.

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