Foot stinking that almost fainted, what is the cause? How can it be prevented?

Foot stinking that almost fainted, what is the cause? How can it be prevented?
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Foot stinking that almost fainted, what is the cause? How can it be prevented?

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Having an unpleasant smell is not a joke, especially with a very heavy foot odor. Take off your shoes, the smell almost takes people around you to faint. Or even if you don't take your shoes off, you will still smell the smell. This is a health problem that has caused many people to lose confidence in each other. And if anyone is experiencing problems with bad feet, today your doctor has a way to prevent smelly feet and foot care tips.

Why are my feet smelly?
Bromodosis is a common problem that affects many people. It is mainly due to the sweating of the feet. The more you sweat It only increases the risk of bad feet. The sweat that comes out will cause symptoms of damp. When the dampness occurs on the feet It will stimulate the bacteria on the skin around the feet to grow more. Bacteria that increase in numbers will then manage to dissolve the matter in sweat. It is these processes that produce an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, those who are prone to sweating more than usual. It will be more likely to have bad foot odor as well. Especially in adolescents Or women who are pregnant Because it is an age where the horn is constantly changing And hormonal changes in the body can cause sweating more than usual. In addition, those who are taking certain medications Some medications may also have side effects that can lead to increased sweating.

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Smelly feet - Causes - How to prevent

What are some ways to prevent smelly feet?
Smell problems, whether it be body odor, foot odor, or bad breath, cleanliness is an important way to help prevent unwanted odors. Especially if you have a lot of sweat on your feet Or have smelly feet The more you pay attention to the cleanliness of the feet. And take care of the feet as follows

Clean feet With soap or a skin cleanser that has antibacterial or anti-bacterial properties at least once a day.
Don't let your feet get wet If your feet are wet, make them dry. Especially the toe crotch To prevent the feet from becoming damp
Change some shoes. If possible, try to avoid wearing the same shoes in a row. There should be a certain amount of space between the shoes to allow the shoes to have time to drain. Or reduce the wetness of the shoes
Change socks regularly And should choose to use socks that have good ventilation fabric
Keep toenails short. And file the broken or dry skin To reduce the accumulation of bacteria
Use deodorants Especially if you are someone who is sweating more than usual. You may choose to use a deodorant:
Always carry a spray or deodorant with you. If you feel uncomfortable with the smell of your feet, you can use a deodorant immediately.
Try a quenching-blocking method for attaching a foot patch or medicated insoles.
Use a powdery product with deodorizing properties.
Choose to wear socks that absorb sweat. Or socks for some athletes that have the ability to absorb sweat and breath well
Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or too tight. Because it will make you sweat more And the retention of moisture from sweat
Keep your shoes clean. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the shoes and reduce the problem of foot odor or unpleasant smell from the shoes as well

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