How dangerous to swallow "fruit seeds"?

How dangerous to swallow "fruit seeds"?
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How dangerous to swallow "fruit seeds"?

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Many people should have accidentally swallowed the seeds of fruit. From small seeds such as oranges, lemons, guava (which some people like to chew. But not very fine because it is hard) or will it be a larger seed like Amaranth tamarind or santol that has just been news So there is a suspicion that in fact, swallowing fruit seeds into the stomach.

How dangerous it is If swallowed, what should I do? joker123 has the answer.

Swallow fruit seeds How dangerous?

Danger to the respiratory tract
Before reaching the abdomen The seeds of these fruits are very vulnerable to throats. Closed airways Until suffocation In this case, risking your life within minutes. If the stuck seed cannot be removed promptly Especially large and hard seeds May be extremely dangerous to life in a sudden In case of being stuck in the airway But not blocked until suffocation But causing respiratory tract infection, inflammation, coughing out with blood or pus Until there may be complications that follow, such as pneumonia, lung abscess, pus in the pleural cavity, etc.

Danger to the esophagus
In the event that the airway has passed But it might not mean that something foreign like these fruit seeds. Will flow to the stomach and colon until it is always emptied out of the body successfully If it is a large seed Or has a sharp side that can be stuck in the esophagus for a long time Without falling out May cause inflammation of the mucous membranes in that area, ulceration, and may even penetrate the esophagus.

Danger to the intestines
Now, if the fruit seeds are somewhat slippery It may flow as far down into the intestines and stomach, but along the way it may be stuck in any part. Especially the colon, which is often found to close the intestines until causing intestinal obstruction. Or if it is a seed that is sharp santol when passing through the stomach The slippery fruit pulp will disappear, leaving only the hard grains. Sharp That may cause ulcerative colitis Colon perforation Feces leaking in the abdomen Causing infection in the bloodstream Until causing the symptoms to collapse to the point of death as well

If accidentally swallowed the fruit seeds What should I do?
If it is a small seed like an orange, lemon, guava, or other seed. Not larger than this If through the trachea And the esophagus to the stomach, it should not be anything to worry about. (Unless the jackpot falls in the appendix Until it is blocked and then becomes appendicitis But it doesn't happen often Or it happened that easily)

But if it is a larger seed, such as tamarind, amniotic, and hard mangosteen And is not very slippery There may be a risk of getting caught in the windpipe. Or respiratory tract Notice their symptoms that they can breathe easily or not. And wait to observe symptoms for 2-3 days if there are no abnormal symptoms Can lead a normal life But if breathing is uncomfortable, uncomfortable or abdominal pain, you should see a doctor immediately.

And finally, if it's a large seed And has a sharp interior like Santol It is recommended that you consult a doctor early. Without having to wait and see what symptoms Because they are at a higher risk of harming the body than the small fruit seeds. It was found that many patients urgently had to undergo surgery due to ingestion of santol fruit seeds into the body. Therefore, if found before And monitor the symptoms Or manage dissection since it has not caused perforation or inflammation of the intestine, it will reduce the risk of infection. Or death

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