How to get rid of "salinity" from "tap water"

How to get rid of "salinity" from "tap water"
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How to get rid of "salinity" from "tap water"

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During this period, people found in Bangkok And perimeter areas suffer from excess salt water standards, causing concern for those who have to consume tap water. Therefore, the relevant authorities have suggested how to eliminate salinity for good health

Tap water "salty"

Dr. Pathom Sawan Panya Lert, MD. Director-General of the Department of Science Service (Wor. Prof.) revealed that from January 2021 to the present, it was found that people in Bangkok and the metropolitan area suffered from salt water conditions. This creates concern for the people who have to consume tap water without passing through a water filter From the preliminary information, the cause of the salty tap water is caused by the drought condition and the sea water mass support is higher than normal, causing the salt water to reach the receiving point of raw water used to produce tap water, resulting in excess salinity in the tap water supply source.

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By the school experiment to collect a sample of tap water within the department To determine the chloride content on 3 and 8 February 2021, it was found that the chloride value was 345 and 271 mg / l. Which the standard value of drinking water must have the maximum chloride value of 250 milligrams per liter Which the penalty for consuming salt water is not dangerous to normal people with normal health Since we get more chloride in our daily life than in drinking water, but it affects only people in the risk group such as young children, the elderly, the sick and people with underlying diseases such as kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes. Blood pressure, brain disease

How to get rid of "salinity" from "tap water"

Department of Science Service (Ph.D.) Recommend how to remove the salinity from tap water. Which consists of 3 methods:

1. Distillation can remove both chloride and dissolved solids.

2. RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration can remove chloride by applying water pressure through the membrane. This RO system is highly efficient in removing various substances from the water, especially very small ones. Such as sodium ions and chloride ions.

3.Deionization Or the ionization process It can also get rid of chloride by adsorption. anion-exchange resin, which is also able to absorb other anions, such as sulfates. If sulfates are present in water, the adsorbents will bind better to sulfates The efficiency of chloride adsorption decreases. Boiling, Carbon Adsorption Filters and Water Softener cannot get rid of chloride.

The operator And people can follow up daily water quality reports in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan areas Through various online media Of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority to prepare the reserve for drinking water in advance Because at the time of each day the salinity of the water is different. Or send them to be tested at the Vocational Education Council to test for the chloride content in water In addition, it also provides testing services for drinking water according to various standards such as drinking water standards (TIS 257) according to the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health Re: Drinking water in sealed containers (SorThor. 61 and 135) Quality criteria for drinking tap water. etc.

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