Is "hemorrhoids" at risk of "colon cancer"?

Is "hemorrhoids" at risk of "colon cancer"?
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Is "hemorrhoids" at risk of "colon cancer"?

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As the news appeared in various media About the issue "Is slotxo hemorrhoids colon cancer risk" Department of Medicine by the National Cancer Institute Conducted a fact check that Having hemorrhoids does not increase colon cancer risk.
What is hemorrhoids?
Dr. Somsak Akasil, Director-General of the Medical Department, said that hemorrhoids are a disease caused by veins, anus, or the tip of the large intestine with a swollen, bulging protrusion from the anus. It can be categorized into 2 types: internal hemorrhoids. The rectal tissue is higher than the rectal sphincter. And external hemorrhoids The lower rectal area has a protrusion from the anus.

Hemorrhoids increase colon cancer risk?
However, hemorrhoids are not the cause of colon cancer. The factors that increase the risk of colon cancer are low-fiber foods. Grilled and smoked food Eating red meat Processed meat on a regular basis As well as lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, etc.

Colon Cancer Symptoms
Dr. Chinda Rojanamethin, director of the National Cancer Institute Added that Common symptoms of the disease include

The defecation contains bloody mucus or may be transfused with fresh blood.
Have constipation and diarrhea
Defecate often / not the ***spam***
The size of the stool is smaller.
Abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, colic

How to reduce the risk of colon cancer
Colon and rectal cancer is a formidable disease. But it is considered a preventable disease We just avoid risk factors. Adjust the eating habits to be nutritious and diverse Always observe yourself that the excretion is normal or not. If an abnormality is found, consult your doctor. In addition, colon and rectal cancer can be screened early. This makes the treatment more effective and less costly.

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