Wrong ways to relieve stress It also adds even more stress.

Wrong ways to relieve stress It also adds even more stress.
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Wrong ways to relieve stress It also adds even more stress.

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Lost stress vs increased stress

Want to get rid of stress But still behave wrongly So when will your body and mind find happiness? So let's take a look at what activities you might be doing without knowing when you're stressed. Or think that doing this will help you get rid of stress, but actually increase your stress even more. Here are 6 behaviors. Be aware so that you don't create additional stress.

6 behaviors that you think you lost and lost

A waste of time eating Is it better to work?

Many people, when they are stressed, tend to become so obsessed with problems that they forget to get hungry, forget when to eat, or get hungry but pick up a snack near them to eat. Because still wants to finish working Until neglecting important meals Especially breakfast food Then go to eat hard during late night instead, in fact, breakfast is the important meal It can be said that it is a meal that will help dissolve our stress. But many people think that it is better to waste time to fight and take time to work than to say that you are wrong.

Breakfast is a meal that is important for the body and brain. If you don't eat breakfast Without good food in the stomach, the body will have an unstable blood sugar level. Dizziness, dizziness, dizziness, dizziness may occur, which these symptoms are definitely not good for work. Anything will be confused and mistaken. The same problem cannot be solved. May add more chaos due to work and mistakes. So, stop eating snacks and go get something to eat better. Eat in moderation Will have the strength to go through the stress further!

Water is not refreshing, you need coffee!

After not eating There are still many people who are stressed and don't drink water either. But pushed to choose to drink tea and coffee because they thought they were refreshed. The body is energetic Work on But in fact, drinking tea and coffee with caffeine may help stimulate the body for a while. (If you drink in moderation), but if you drink heavily. Will make the body more stressful Because caffeine will make my heart tremble And stimulate symptoms of excretion of water from the body Needing to urinate frequently Causing the body to become dehydrated Symptoms such as parched throat, dry mouth, burning dry lips There is no concentration to work with, so if you want to calm your mind. Find a solution Recommend sipping warm water often is better.

Is this stressful and can help?

Worse than drinking tea and coffee is drinking . Because has the opposite effect of caffeine can make the body drowsy.We might think that drinking is calm like this, figure out for sure, but actually, the more you drink, the more you won't be able to stop. The more you drink, the more you lose your mind. May accidentally do something bad and eventually fall asleep. When waking up, it is still stressful as before. Waste more time And it can be even more stressful if the lack of consciousness makes things worse, so if you really want to drink , two glasses of wine can help, but if you want more, you should fix the problem first and then go to the celebration. Better than

Excuse me for a moment to smoke a cigarette.

Similar smoking With Many people understand that smoking helps to relax. Can relieve stress Which we often hear people say that we are stressed, so I want to secretly smoke a cigarette to relieve my stress. But did you know that smoking actually makes your heart beat faster? The heart works harder. The blood pressure rises again. These symptoms, in addition to adding stress to the body at that time. The more you smoke for a long time Is at risk of many other diseases, including heart disease, coronary heart disease If you are suffering from this disease, you are not alone. People around me are also stressed.

Suggest that if you feel like smoking up You can also find some nut chewing gum to make you feel that your mouth is busy. But if you want to stop being serious, go here National Smoking Cessation Service Center

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