Unravel the 8 wrong beliefs That makes you think it's breast cancer

Unravel the 8 wrong beliefs That makes you think it's breast cancer
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Unravel the 8 wrong beliefs That makes you think it's breast cancer

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Breast cancer is a deadly disease that kills many people. Especially women who are at risk of getting this type of cancer at almost any age. But ***spam*** people tend to misunderstand the cause of this disease. Today we have 8 information about the occurrence of cancer that many people tend to misunderstand the facts.

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1. Bras can cause breast cancer.
Many people believe Breast cancer is caused by wearing small bras. Or too tight, which actually has research results that Bras that are too tight It is not the cause of breast cancer at all.

2. Menstruation comes quickly. Have a risk of cancer
***spam*** of the time Women will begin menstruation around the age of 10-11 years, if anyone who comes earlier is not likely to have breast cancer But on the other hand If the person is 55 years or older but still has menstruation It is considered to have a higher risk of breast cancer.

3. Chest sizes have different risks.
There is a misconception that Different chest sizes There are different risks of developing breast cancer, but the incidence of breast cancer depends on many factors. Big or small, they all have the same risk.

4. Make Mammograms often Breast cancer risk
I must first tell you that A mammogram with a mammogram. It uses radiation to take pictures. The amount of radiation used is not so intense that it can induce cancer.

5. Being a cheese may have breast cancer.
This belief is a misunderstanding. Because cheese is just a cyst caused by hormonal disorders. It is not involved in any cancer cell.

6. Breast cancer only occurs in women.
Breast cancer is not a disease that occurs only in women. Because in fact The disease can occur in men as well. Which is approximately 3-5% per year

7. Do breast surgery Risk of breast cancer
Breast surgery In ***spam*** cases, it is a silicone bag to add Which does not have a stimulating effect on cancer cells Or easily cause cancer in any way

8. Breast cancer cannot be cured. And less likely to survive
In fact is Breast cancer can be cured. And who is already Not everyone will have to die. Research shows that more than 90% of people with the disease can live for more than 5 years and more than 80% have a chance of surviving more than 10 years.

Although breast cancer is a terrible disease. But when you understand And learned the facts of this disease You will see that breast cancer is not as scary as you think. And misunderstandings Such is not a cause or is the cause of cancer as you think, too, so girls do not have to worry too much about it.

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