What kind of "back pain" is dangerous you should see a doctor.

What kind of "back pain" is dangerous you should see a doctor.
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What kind of "back pain" is dangerous you should see a doctor.

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A large number of patients have low back pain whose cause is unknown. Or slotxo have severe back pain with neurological symptoms, so it's important to see a doctor to find the cause and treat your back pain.
People who fear spinal surgery in the past Can be trusted Due to the new technology in surgery, patients recover quickly, minor wounds, less pain, and short recovery at a reasonable price. This is consistent with the lifestyles and needs of people today. Back pain is a common problem in all genders, ages and populations around the world. In some patients the symptoms are severe enough to affect their work. And interfere with daily life

How many types of back pain are there?
If divided by the time period, back pain may occur (Acute: less than 6 weeks), subacute (6-12 weeks) and chronic (Chronic: persistent back pain less than 6 weeks). For more than 12 weeks) in industrialized countries The lifetime prevalence of back pain is approximately 60-70% (annual prevalence approximately 15-45%, adult incidence approximately 5% per year).

Causes of back pain
***spam*** patients with back pain have various causes or factors. That provokes back pain, such as sports injuries that are too heavy Wrong movement However There are quite a few people who experience low back pain, so it's important to see a doctor to determine the cause and treat your back pain. By the causes or groups of diseases that cause patients to suffer from back pain include

Muscle Strain or Ligament Sprain Inflammation of the muscles and ligaments in the back. It is ***spam*** common in patients with a history of being exposed to excessive physical activity, such as bending over, lifting heavy objects. Sitting in the same position for a long time The movement of the wrong position with the rapidity Including sports injuries

Diseases of herniated disc Herniated disc is one of the causes of chronic back pain. And often have repeated symptoms Back pain, along with neurological symptoms, such as lower leg pain, numbness or weakness, are often associated with herniated discs.

Back pain associated with degeneration of the spine, including osteoporosis. Scoliosis or hunchback

Pain after other causes
Pain after fracture Whether it is a physical fracture (Physiologic fracture) is a typical accidental spinal fracture or a pathologic fracture, such as a fracture from a spinal infection. Spinal tuberculosis Or broken from a malignant tumor
Pain after arthritis, such as Facet Arthritis, SI joint arthritis, pain after ankylosing spondylitis.
Pain after an infection of the spine
Pain after a tumor Or bone cancer
The risk of back pain
Excessive activity
Lack of exercise

What kind of back pain is dangerous? Need to see a doctor?
Persistent back pain And more and more pain over 4 weeks
Back pain caused by serious accidents, such as traffic accidents, falls from a height.
Back pain associated with neurological disorders, such as back pain in combination with pain in the legs, numbness or weakness in the legs.
Back pain in combination with wasted control of bowel movements, such as loss of urinary / urinary incontinence.
Back pain associated with fever, weight loss
Diagnosis to determine the cause of back pain It is the first step in the treatment of successful back pain. The diagnosis of back pain is based on the following medical methods.

History taking
History and nature of pain, duration, location of pain, for example Lower back pain Pain in the middle of the waist, back pain, scapula to the neck. Symptoms History of injury Medical history Including congenital disease conditions, etc.
Physical examination
Check where there is pain Check the movement, flexibility, distortion of the spine.
Examination of the nervous system Including examination of feelings Check muscle strength Sensitivity to nervous system stimulation (Reflex) test
Examination through the laboratory
A regular X-ray exam is used to assess back bone deformities. Assess the fracture of the bone.
A special X-ray exam, such as a CT scan or MRI, is used to assess the condition of the nerve cavity stenosis. Herniated disc, infection, or tumor of the spine.
Preventing back pain
Correct posture in daily activities based on the principles of 3 Smarts.

Sit Smart: Correct sitting posture and work. By practicing to sit upright Sit with your butt full. The back is right against the backrest, the table and the chair are at a suitable and consistent height. Including avoiding sitting in the same position for a long time

Stand Smart: Correct standing can reduce injury to your back muscles. Avoid standing hunchback Stand down on one leg

Lift Smart: bending and lifting the right object By lowering your knees down to lift things instead of bending your back down. In order to use the strength of the leg muscles to lift objects when standing up. Can reduce injuries to the posterior structure as well

Avoid excessive physical activity o

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