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Dragon Raja Korea edition to create a new mobile game called Dragon Raja EX

Posté : mar. 12 janv. 2021 10:57
par limited

Dragon Raja is a very famous novel. The manuscript of the story spans two countries. Is China and South Korea That although the same name but because the story and the author are not the same For slotxo Thai people will be familiar with the Korean version of Dragon Raja that was created as a game in 2000 until it is another classic MMORPG in Thai legend. And now the legendary game will be a mobile game.

This new game is called Dragon Raja EX, developed by EX4GAMES and NESM in Korea will distribute it. The details of the game have not been disclosed. But initially it will use the original information from the 2000 online sector to develop, highlighting the story of the relationship of dragons and raja (players) and will be able to join a party of up to 5 people in real play. -time, which is another game that is worth noting