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Check for dangerous signs when your child is "young and old"

Posté : dim. 14 févr. 2021 07:59
par jiraporn66

It is good for your child to grow properly. But if the child is in slotxo a state "Being young, being young" may not be a good thing. If the child has premature physical changes such as The girl had breast kidneys before the age of 8 or had menstruation before the age of 9 with a history of high early Or, a boy has large testicles before the age of 9, has armpit hair, mustache, or body odor. That might be a warning sign that should be treated quickly.
Dr. Alisa Kunpiya, Pediatric Endocrinologist and Metabolism The Bangkok Hospital Pediatric Center provides information that the pre-puberty Or the condition in which children grow faster than normal (Precocious Puberty) found in both female and male children. It is found in girls about 8 to 20 times more than boys with parents need to be observed. Because there are often hidden disorders caused by having too much sex hormones ***spam*** of them are physiological changes.

Being young It affects both the body and mind. The body is sex hormones to make the bones grow faster. And stop growing What follows is The growth period in childhood is shorter than that of normal children, thus making them shorter as adults. In addition, children may find themselves in a different body shape than their peers, which may be teased and behave in isolation. As for the psychological problems in boys Because of being young, testosterone is higher than normal. Leading to aggressive behavior, violent emotions, sexual arousal The diagnostic method is When the child is suspected to be premature, immediately undergo a medical examination with your pediatric endocrinologist.

Observation method Whether the child was young or not
The body of a boy (before 9 years) who is premature

Enlarged testes and penis
Beginning to have hair on the genitals and armpits
The milk breaks, the voice is hoarse.
Muscular acne, oily face, body odor
Height increases quickly, mustache.
Girl body (before 9 years old)

Breast enlargement
Beginning to have hair on the genitals and armpits
Changes in body shape such as neck, hips
With menstrual discharge
Acne started, my face had a body odor
Height increases quickly

How to diagnose premature puberty
In addition to observing the physical characteristics Physical examination and evaluation of growth The doctor will perform diagnostic tests following procedures such as

The history is taken by a professional doctor to determine what causes a child to develop premature puberty and treat it accordingly.
Bone age check
Blood tests measure hormone levels.
Brain MRI examines the cause of the disease
Do an ultrasound of the lower abdomen. To determine the cause and evaluate the size of the uterus and ovaries.
Treatment of premature puberty
As for the treatment, the doctor will treat the cause. Or using injections to control sex hormones And assess the treatment periodically

Because children are the age that needs care For a healthy body Good psychological development In order for the baby to grow up to the appropriate age, increase the potential of living to the full if the parent is wondering or not sure if the child is premature or not. The child should be taken to the doctor for a definite diagnosis so that the child should be treated or not. Because in some cases, if not treated promptly May cause the child to stop growing prematurely.

Re: Check for dangerous signs when your child is "young and old"

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Re: Check for dangerous signs when your child is "young and old"

Posté : dim. 21 févr. 2021 07:59
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Re: Check for dangerous signs when your child is "young and old"

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