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Dangers of "shoulder ligament tear" from heavy use

Posté : lun. 1 mars 2021 07:54
par jiraporn66

When you carry out activities In everyday life By 168 overusing the body Until you feel uncomfortable Aches all the time Which is something that should be careful Because you may be at the risk of occurrence. Disease of the shoulder ligament is also possible. Hello, the doctor would like to know how to treat Or self-care To prevent such conditions, let's leave everyone together.

Cause of birth Shoulder tendon tear condition
Rotator Cuff Tear can be caused by your behavior. Without realizing it, such as playing sports, lifting heavy objects with regular overhead arm movements Which causes this may cause the muscles And the tendon in the area attached to the shoulder joint spreads to the arm frame, causing a tear And it makes you feel pain when your arms are raised above your head. Or can rotate the arm back and forth

In addition, families with a history of this condition of the shoulder tendon rupture. It can transmit the risk of getting this disease through heredity to other individuals. In the family itself can be connected as well, so whether you will experience Torn shoulder tendon For any reason You should be more careful about your movement. To prevent pain that may follow in the future.

Symptoms that occur When the shoulder tendon rupture
In some cases of patients who suffer from Torn shoulder tendon May not cause any symptoms To notice very clearly But sometimes it may reveal the following symptoms, allowing you to feel a slight abnormality.

Pain with arm movement
His arms were weak and unable to lift things like normal.
I heard something inside my arm. When moving
Difficulty arm movement Especially the movement towards the back

When you check yourself to be among these symptoms Please be treated by a medical professional immediately. Otherwise, you may experience more severe symptoms like arthritis, a frozen shoulder that is more difficult to treat than the initial symptoms you are experiencing. And may increase the accumulation of pain symptoms as well

Proper treatment of the condition Shoulder tendon rupture by a doctor
Before your doctor starts treatment for you A doctor may need to do a muscle exam. And the torn ligament around the shoulder joint first This may be performed with ultrasound (Ultrasound), X-rays, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as appropriate. To see the abnormal muscle structure of the shoulder joint Before starting treatment with the following methods

Physical therapy This is for adjusting the exercise to suit the position you injured. To help restore the flexibility of movement back to normal use, injections may only temporarily reduce pain. This is because steroid injections can weaken the tendons. Which your doctor may recommend using this method after physical therapy Or when the pain is more only surgery, which is divided into 4 types: surgery, tendon inflammation repair. Tendon repair with large incision surgery Tendon transfer And artificial shoulder replacement By having a diagnosis, choosing any type of surgery depends on the symptoms. Or the cause of the patient experience

After treatment The shoulder tendon is torn, and you should make some adjustments in your daily life habits. By trying to avoid lifting heavy objects Or the movement of the arms over the head Or perform these behaviors as little as possible To prevent you from returning to the injury and repeated shoulder ligaments.