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Solve questions after getting COVID-19 vaccine, can I still donate blood?

Posté : ven. 5 mars 2021 08:17
par jiraporn66

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Provides information on vaccination against COVID-19. Whether the vaccinated person can donate blood By Doctor Yong described it as follows

COVID-19 Vaccines and Blood Donation
COVID-19 vaccine Arrived in Thailand, both Sinovac and AstraZeneca have questions about whether vaccinated people can donate blood or not.

Inactivated vaccine Can come to donate blood right away There is no need to wait. For those who receive live vaccines such as measles, rubella, mumps, it is necessary to wait 2 weeks before donating blood.

COVID-19 vaccine Nowadays, it is all deadly - mRNA, Pfizer vaccine, Moderna, indivisible vector virus such as AstraZeneca and the Chinese inactivated vaccine Sinovac Sinopharm, there is no need to wait. Able to donate blood straight away

Those who have completed the vaccination have reached a high level of immunity. At present, there is no study that vaccinated people use plasma of the vaccinated person to treat the sick. I will have to wait for the study and there is a possibility that in the future Immunoglobulin-induced immunity may be extracted to form a strong immune response called hyperimmune globulin. It is used to prevent the severity of the disease. But at present there is no